The Mist Village is a very fair and balanced village guys...the most fleshed out in terms of fairness dudes...REALLY, But besides that they have very cool kekkei genkai, like lava and water...and water is cool so ya..well not for the hoshigaki..those guys are the niggas of NO2.



Along with being the clan the Mizukage is part of this clan has the Lava release kekkei genkai which..ya know.. a lava bender.

  • Ember: Allow the user to FIRE some lava SHOTGUN, it can burn your ass.


This clan has the ability to liquify there body allowing them to make taijutsu mainers fuckin fooder..well if they equip it and logia hax mode doesn't bug i guess.


Logia Reflex

  • Their Hydrofication has to be equipped to work, functioning like a logia fruit, but be warn that it drains chakra.
  • They're allow to go under water with Water Merge.
  • They also get other jutsus i guess...idk.



This clan has the ice Kekkei Genkai allowing them to use ice release...

  • Ice sword: A sword....made out...of ice....!!!!!

Ice Sword

  • Crystal Breath: Icicles that do moderate damage or high damage depending on how you use it.

A bunch of ice spikes.


The Fish Boys Clan.

  • Hoshigakis are able to restore heal and chakra while running in the water.


Hoshigaki Boys

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