Naruto Online 2: Shippuden

NO2, short for Naruto Online 2, is an ascended version of Naruto Online, it is a strongly community-based amazing game.

How to get into NO2

Join group! and see the results.



M1 = Light attacks

M2 = Heavy attacks

T = Toggle Kunai

Q = Dodge (directional)

E = Throw Kunai (hold to throw more)

R = Substitution Jutsu

F = Block

Jump + M1 = air counter

Falling + M2 = down kick (block break)

M1 (On a Jutsu tool and HOLD) = delay the casting of a Jutsu but drains chakra


Ctrl = Crouch / stealth

V = pick up downed body

B = Execute downed body

M = Jutsu Tree

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