The sand village is known for having the most military power, with there Kazekage, DaboSenpai being one of the strongest Kage in total. Though there Clans are strong it seems to be one of the hardest village to rank up in (not anymore). It would be recommend to start off by finding people you know if you were to spawn in this village seeing as it is very hard to rank up in any village so please be advised when you first spawn.



Along with being the strongest Clan in the Sand Village, This is the same clan as the Kazekage himself,this clan has magnet kekkei genkai, allowing them to manipulate sand. A pro tip to keep in mind when using sand is that it takes more of your chakra to use it on Grass and other lands besides Sand, so be cautious. Unlike the anime there are more kinds of sand that a kazesuna can be born with,The types are...

  • Normal Sand
  • Iron Sand (Original User: Rasa Kazesuna)
  • Gold Sand
  • Silver Sand
  • Diamond Sand (Original User: Lenox Kazesuna)
  • Scarlet Sand - may have been removed


This clan has the ability to use Chakra Strings which they can use to control Puppets, one of the best parts about this clan "THAT IS YET TO BE ADDED" is that people who have puppets can customize how they look and the weapons they use.



This clan has the Scorch Spheres ability which spawns three red orbs that do a high amount of damage, although the kekkei genkai has potential there are not a lot of moves for the clan leaving not a lot of information to write about


This clan spawns with the Wind Scythe and they hit you with wind...that's about it

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