The Hidden Stone Village is a diverse village consisting of the Uzumaki Clan, Miyajima Clan, Kamizuru Clan, and the Akafura clan. The village has high ranks that won't help out the struggling low ranks. Most of the high ranks before wave 2 had been perma-deathed, or long forgotten. The Hidden Stone village has a shop that has the cheapest training in-game.



The Kamizuru clan is a clan that has bee users, they are not very powerful at all and literally got nerfed to hell so the user cannot use their bees on you for anything besides keeping you in combat. The clan leader is the Tsuchikage, also known as bcongeboy05. The hive five are the group of superheros that uses the the bee kekkei genkai (DISBANDED). The power of one of the hive five can take out the Mizukage, also known as Kiloze.


These guys have 2x chakra, and their primary natures is Fire. These niggas will spam the hell out of fireballs and flamethrowers so be warned. They all think they're good at the game when they can literally do nothing but use their fucking jutsus at you and do team damage to their allies.


The Akafura clan is a clan that wield the Explosive Kekkei Genkai. They are infinite combo masters and will use explosive palm to deal 25-40 damage while you are caught in their infinite combo. Broken as fuck. (God tier clan)


The Miyajima clan uses the Crystal Kekkei Genkai. Their natures are mostly Wind, Earth, and Water. Touching crystal release upon impact will deal rapid damage and can take your health down easily. Be warned when confronting the Miyajimas in dango shop missions, otherwise they suck ass in open combat since their kekkai genkai is a joke.



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